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You can generate your affiliate link directly from our dashboard, or you can also copy the below link and put your id in “XXXXX” to get your affiliate link.

How much can you earn?

Our product pages are highly optimized for conversion of sell. With a minimum effort, you can generate a stable, handsome amount of monthly passive income via promoting and marketing our products. To help you about clearing about the commission rate we are giving you a brief calculation below:

Commission Structure

No. of ProductsCommission RateBonusPossibility of Monthly Earning
21-3020%$10 Bonus$200
31-4020%$20 Bonus$300
41-5020%$20 Bonus$350
51-100+25%$30 Bonus$500

Advantages for Promoting Products

  1. Up to 25% Industry Leading Commissions Structure
  2. 30 Days Return Cookie
  3. No Minimum Cashout limits
  4. Cashout After 45 Days of Each Sale
  5. Access to Insightful Reporting
  6. Higher Conversion Rate for Ensuring Higher Earnings
  7. Promoting a Well Known, Reputable Brand
  8. Generate Fast Affiliate Link
  9. Creative Banners, Optimized to Convert
Anyone who is interested to sell our products all over the internet can become our affiliate from anywhere in anytime.

No, You don’t need a single penny to apply in our affiliate program.

We are recommending you open one account to start an affiliate program with us. There is no such need to use multiple accounts to run affiliate with us. But if you open multiple accounts then there is no restriction from our end.

Yes. We are setting the threshold for payout to $50.

You can payout a minimum of $50 for your affiliate account. Any amount less than $50 can not be payout from our platform.

we will pay you via paypal.

You do not have to do anything special to become our affiliate. Just sign-up inour affiliate program and get  started instantly.

The commission amount you are earning will be paid by first 10 days of every month. The payment amount will depend on the revenues collected from the referred customers and clients. So, this is to remind you that you have to emphasize on providing us only high-quality and verified leads

You can marketing our product via both in offline & online system. There are hundred of way to promote our product via using social media, online campaign, Facebook marketing or even via your own website.

The validity of your lead will be verified by our business managers to pay you.

Yes. Our all products under the affiliate program.

There is a clean dispute management system in You just need to mail us the details with proof of the dispute. We will clear all of your dispute within 72 hours of your report.

Yes. we are reserving the action to give you plenty for any kind of suspicious activity or doing via the affiliate account. We have this thing about our privacy policy. Authority reserve the final decision-making opportunity to make any decision if anything arises like that.